Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Heart is Sad

"Mom, is some other family going to come live in our home?"  my nearly six-old daughter asked me.
"No, honey, we're going to Thailand for six weeks, and then we'll come back.  This is our home," I said in my most assuring voice as I packed the last items into our carry-on.
I knew she was thinking of  our last home, the one we left in California five months ago.  We had made sure the kids saw our apartment empty, so they knew it wasn't home anymore.  We told them that another family would come live there.  Our new home was in China.
"But what if they don't know we're coming back, and they just come in?" she pressed, obviously not convinced.,
I paused in the middle of our get-to-the-airport ordeal to kneel and look into her worried eyes.  "No one will come and take our home.  You don't need to worry.  We'll lock the door, and it will be here when we get back."
"Maybe we should put a sign on our door that says, 'A family lives here and is coming back,'" she says.  I mentally add this to my list of "Signs your child is a TCK."  And I picture her telling this story to her counselor someday.
Moments later, we're in a van pulling away from our building.  My son suddenly starts freaking out in grand three-year-old tantrum style, lashing out at his sister next to him.

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  1. I wonder how it will feel to have someone else living in our home when we leave for Malawi in August --
    even as I know home is where ever we are in Him